Cities are becoming saturated each passing day in the process of rapid development, so there are few opportunities for planners and architects to plan and design on “blank” plots. At the same time, the original infrastructure of the old communities began to fail to match the new demand. More and more communities are conducting a micro upgrade on their key internal space, which requires designers to respond to local needs and realize space reuse by planning and designing on the basis of the original communities.

The theme of the SMALL & SMART DESIGN COMPETITION 2.0 is called「Lixin Awaken」. In this phase, Shenzhen Center for Design will cooperate with Lixin Community Council to publicly solicit design solutions in view of the needs of the residents of Lixin communities for improving public spaces and infrastructures. This competition serves as a platform for the residents to have their voices heard.

The competition calls for open submission of design proposals that can meet the demand of the residents, solve the exsiting problem and improve the environment. After the reviewing and voting, the designer, organizer, and the community will cooperate to land the final implementation scheme, so as to turly serve the residents.

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01 要想社区环境改造好,议事代表少不了
02 星期六工房:为社区设计让我幸福感爆棚
03 壹工作室:在社区里思考设计的边界