Scheme Review Meeting of the International Design Competition of Rolansberg(Hanking Center)Project was held in Madrid 5, InterContinental Shenzhen on October 21—22, 2012. The jury is made up of 5 experts and 2 client representatives. The chairman of the jury is Hong Kong well-known architect Rocco Yim, while the other 5 jury experts are well-known architects of home and abroad---Feng Yueqiang, Ole Scheeren, Zhong Bing,and Zeng Qun. They had discussed deeply on the 6 schemes. After 3 round votes, the top 3 schemes were selected. And the whole meeting was under the supervision of Urban Planning, Land and Resources Commission of Shenzhen Municipality.

The top 3 scheme winners are as follows:

1st Prize Winner:

Morphosis Architects+ IBE Consulting Engineers+ JOHN A. MARTIN& ASSOCIATES, INC.Joint Group

2nd Prize Winner:

Urbanus+TECO Sustainable Architecture and Engineering LLC Joint Group

3rd Prize Winner:

Gensler Architectural Consulting(shanghai)Co., Ltd+上海建筑设计研究院有限公司 Joint Group

Shenzhen Rolansberg Property Development Co.,Ltd

October 28, 20

Shenzhen Rolansberg Property Development Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen Rolansberg Property Development Co., Ltd.

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