Scheme Review Meeting of the International Design Competition of the Headquarter Building for Small and Medium Enterprises was held in the 3rd Floor Meeting Room of Shenzhen Hengfeng Haiyue International Hotel on November 5, 2012. The jury was made up of 6 experts(Meng Yan, Chen Jiawei, Sun Yimin, Zhao Guoxing, Zhu Tao and Nathaniel Kolbe) and 1 client representative. And all of them committed that they have no benefit conflict with any of the competitors. After the jury fully discussed the 12 schemes, the top 3 prize winning schemes were selected with 3 rounds of votes and the 1st prize winning scheme will be the successful bid. The whole meeting was under the supervision of the Urban Planning, Land and Resources Commission of Shenzhen Municipality.

The top 3 winning schemes are as follows:

1st Prize Winner:

Shenzhen CCDI

2nd Prize Winner:

Beijing CCID + Shenzhen Fangcheng + Chongqing Berlage Joint Group

3rd Prize Winner:

Australia Architectus TMG+Shenzhen AUBE Joint Group

Shenzhen Baoan Investment Holding Co., Ltd


Shenzhen Bao'an Investment Holding CO., Ltd

Shenzhen Bao'an Investment Holding CO., Ltd