1 Project Introduction

1.1  Project Name: Pingshan Cultural Cluster (the Cultural Complex of Pingshan New District, Shenzhen, hereinafter referred to as “this project”)

1.2   Client: Administrative Committee of Pingshan New District, Shenzhen

1.3   Developer: China Merchants Real Estate (Shenzhen) CO., LTD.

1.4   Supervisor and Tender Service Provider: Urban Planning, Land Resources Commission of Shenzhen Municipality

1.5   Project Review

As an important part of public cultural service system, Pingshan Cultural Cluster is to meet the needs of the resident population’s cultural life, which focuses on the planning and development of public facilities, and highlights cultural characteristics and contents of the new district. Therefore, this excellent urban culture complex in eastern region of Shenzhen will be set up, integrating cultural reading, public exhibitions, cultural activities and performing arts all in one.

According to the agreements signed with Administrative Committee of Pingshan New District, China Merchants Real Estate (Shenzhen) CO., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as China Merchants Real Estate) will be responsible for the construction of the project, tender for its schematic design and all the subsequent work such as the organization of all design work, signing and execution of the design contracts, application for the project construction and construction management.

Project Name

the Cultural Complex of Pingshan New District, Shenzhen


Located to the west of Shen-Shan Road in Pingshan new District, south of Dan Zi Avenue, and west of Half Moon Park

Construction Scale

Site area is 52,164.4 m2, floor area is 74,300m2

Construction Content

Library is 12,370 m2, Bookstore is 10,440 m2, Exhibition is 6,180 m2, Art Museum is 5,060 m2,Cultural Activity Centre is 8,960 m2, Theater is 11,010 m2, Office supporting facility is 3,760 m2, Conference supporting facility is 8,780 m2, commerce supporting facility is 7,740 m2, Bus Station is 300 m2 (covers an area of 4,000 m2 independently) (In addition to the bus station, construction area of the other architecture can have an error of ± 5%)

Project Capital

The total investment amount to RMB 984 million invested by government of Pingshan New District

the Cost of Construction and Installation

RMB800 million

Construction Cost per sq.m2

12,000 RMB/sq.m2 (including civil engineering, decoration, equipment, etc.)

Project Duration

Building piling shall be undertaken in advanced on August 1, 2013. The project shall be completed and accepted by the client before December 31, 2013.

1.6   Tender Objective

Pingshan Cultural Cluster is expected to be the most groundbreaking public buildings in Shenzhen. It is advocated that the project should integrate culture and regular life naturally but avoid excess pursuit of wonder, landmark and decoration. The project is expected to harmonize well with urban space environment, cultural background and region climate. The buildings not only display the growth history of urban space, but create the equal cultural communication environment for the public. Besides, the project should be enhanced with social power, public interaction, public view and humanistic care. We believe that construction is also a rebuilding process for social and ecological development.

Therefore, the tender emphasizes on the character of region, public, culture and society. It is requires that architects must respect the local culture in Shenzhen(especially in Pingshan) and adequately study local traditional architectural language and absorb the local architectural heritage, with a deep understanding of the Chinese culture. They shall base on the depth discussion for modernism, local character, site significance, site and climate response, materials and construction method, the allocation of resource, cultural heritage and traditional skill, show innovative creative design concept based on local quality, make the sincere and unique architectural expression method, have highly connection with construction and urban environment in building clusters. The design scheme shall show the local quality and modernism based on traditional contextual and create humanized pubic space actively, instead of simple architectural language through symbols and pictures. The project should become the representative of combination of the features for New District and modern city integrating local culture and modern public life. It is also expected to be a cultural psychological landmark for “Where Pingshan is”.

1.7   Tender Scope

The tender should decide the schematic design for Pingshan Cultural Cluster. The bidder who is awarded the contract is responsible for urban design, schematic design, preliminary design, construction drawings, construction and coordination of special design (excluding interior design, environment and landscape plan and other special design), and assist Developer to complete the tender work of interior, environment and landscape design. The leading designers and supervisors for each part must be listed out in the design contract for construction phase to ensure smooth construction process.

Design teams for interior design and landscape design will be selected through another open tender. Edition of the tender shall fully reflect the design style and standard requirements of the winning scheme. The design objective for decoration of indoor and outdoor landscape shall keep in step with the design objective of this tender.

The bidders shall complete the design work under the requirement of the tender documents. (The depth of details shall meet the regulations of the Depth Requirement of Architectural Construction Design Document (2008 version).

2 Tender Mode and Registration Qualification

2.1Tender mode: the process for tendering takes 2 stages. On the first stage, there will be open registration and then qualification review. During the review, experts will evaluate on the bidders’ qualification, performance, team composition of the joint group and design idea, and select 5 joint groups to proceed to the second phase for the schematic design. (None can participate in the second phase except those 5 joint groups.)

2.2The tender will be open to the world. For the cultural value orientation and complicated requirement of function, it is advocated that excellent architects shall make up a joint group showed as the mode of “1+X+1(X≥2)”. It means the lead architect(firm)+X famous architects(firms)+design firm with Grade A qualification of construction design &engineering registered in Shenzhen( One local design firm is required for the limited construction period). It shows the combination among strong ones to enjoy complementary advantages. The lead architect is responsible to provide design idea and value, control the design standard and ensure the integrity and continuity of the urban space. The tender is to pool collective wisdom. The building style should be enhanced with variety and richness in order to create an energetic cultural cluster.

2.3The applicants shall provide similar project performance, which covers a total area of 20,000 ㎡or above, including the ones under construction or completed. In case of joint participation, each party of the group should sign a Joint Participation Declaration, and hand it over to the developer along with other required sign-up documents. Each party of the joint group can’t sign up for the tender alone or participate together with other design firms.

2.4 Registration documents: please see the Tender Documents.

3  Design fee

3.1 Bonus and Related Fees of Tendering

The winner who gets the contract of this project will get a first payment of RMB 600,000. The tender fee for other applicants will be as follows:

2nd prize competitor: RMB 600,000

3rd prize competitor: RMB 500,000

4th prize competitor: RMB 400,000

5th prize competitor: RMB 300,000

All participants should be responsible for all their own expenses. The design fee includes tax offered by developer. The participants must provide China-paid invoices. The payment process of the tender fee will go though after the tender result announcement. Developer will sign an agreement with each participant for the fee payment.

3.2 Design Fee distribution

According to the relevant state fee standards, developer will negotiate and sign design contract directly with the joint design group who wins the tender. Each party of the joint group shall sign the Joint Design Agreement in order to appoint the design leader, decide each party’s duty and responsibility, and each party’s contract fee. The declaration will be an attachment in the contract.

Design fee distribution will be based on the Pricing Regulations on Project Inspection and Design of 2002 version. Tentatively RMB 14 million。

Tendering Schedule

The tender has been taken in 2 stages. First stage is for registration and qualification review. Second stage is for schematic design.

Date Details



January 15, 2013 -17:00 of January 30, 2013 Application Period
February 1, 2013 Qualification Review
February 1, 2013 Notice of qualification review result, issue tender invitation and final design and tendering documents(the design bidding stage)
Before 17:00 of February 3, 2013 Tender Confirmation submitted through fax



February 4, 2013 The project briefing (site investigation)
Before 17:00 of April 8, 2013 Submittal deadline

All the time mentioned above is Beijing time. The right of schedule adjustment belongs to the client

5  Information Inquiry/Contacts

Information Inquiry: For the tendering file and attachments, please go to the websites below:


www.szdesigncenter.org(Please click to download:Competition File; Attachments)


Developer and Contacts:

Developer: China Merchants Real Estate (Shenzhen) CO., LTD.

Address: No.3 Building, Nanhai E Cool, Shekou, Nanshan District, Shenzhen  518067

Contact person: Cao Baizeng       Zhao Kaixi

Tel:     18018721858    13798297702

Email:  caobaizeng@cmhk.com


Organizer of Meeting Affairs:EHOW R&D CENTER

Contact person: Daisy



Administrative Committee of Pingshan New District

Administrative Committee of Pingshan New District

Contracting authority:
China Merchants Real Estate (Shenzhen) CO., LTD.

Urban Planning, Land Resources Commission of Shenzhen Municipality