The cultural complex of the Pingshan New District in Shenzhen is to meet the needs of the residents’ cultural life, which focuses on the planning and development of public facilities, highlights cultural characteristics and contents of the new district.  With four main functions of creation, display, communication and education, it is set up to become the chief urban culture complex in eastern region, integrating cultural reading, public exhibitions, cultural activities and performing arts.  It should take original design as the core, concern of urban space and fabric, emphasis on public and cultural attributes, and be a cultural landmark of the city.

Located to the west of Shen-Shan Road in Pingshan new District, south of Dan Zi Avenue, and west of Half-moon Park, the cultural complex will have a buildable area of 52,164.4m2.  The floor area is 74,600m2, including library 12,370m2, book city 10,440 m2, exhibition hall 6,180 m2、gallery 5,060 m2、culture activity center 8,960 m2、theatre 11,010 m2、office facilities 3,760 m2、conference facilities 8,780 m2、and commerce facilities 7,740 m2、bus stop 300 m2

The client of the project is the Administrative Committee of Pingshan New District. The contracting authority for this schematic design competition is China Merchants Real Estate (Shenzhen) CO., LTD.( hereinafter referred to as China Merchants Real Estate), supervised by the Urban Planning, Land Resources Commission of Shenzhen Municipality. According to agreements signed by China Merchants Real Estate and Administrative Committee of Pingshan New District, the competition and the subsequent stages of the organization of all the design work, signing and execution of the design contracts, application for construction and project construction management, all should be undertaken by China Merchants Real Estate.  China Merchants Real Estate will set up a subsidiary responsible for the development and construction of this project. All design contracts and agreements for the project should be signed the name of Shenzhen China Merchants Real Estate Co., Ltd until the establishment of the subsidiary.

The bidding platform is the Urban Planning, Land Resources Commission of Shenzhen Municipality. This competition is for the cultural complex architectural design. The official announcement is to be released in late Dec., 2012.

We sincerely invite design firms worldwide to participate in this competition. Design teams composed of several design firms (including landscape architects) are encouraged and welcomed. The competition contains two phases with the first phase being open enrollment and qualification review. The contracting authority will organize a jury of professionals to review the applicants’ qualification based on their performance, team composition, and a basic proposal for the Pingshan cultural complex design (with no specific requirements as how detailed the design should be). The jury will select five to six eligible design firms/teams to proceed to the second phase, which is the schematic design competition phase. (No other design firms are allowed to participate in the second phase except the selected design firms/teams.)

This announcement intends to encourage interested design firms to get prepared as soon as possible. All information is subject to change. Please refer to the official announcement for the final details. Please refer to the Chinese pre-announcement should any conflict between the Chinese and English versions arises.

Administrative Committee of Pingshan New District, Shenzhen

             ChinaMerchants Real Estate (Shenzhen) CO. ,LTD.

Urban Planning, Land Resources Commission ofShenzhenMunicipality

 Dec. 18, 2012

Administrative Committee of Pingshan New District

Administrative Committee of Pingshan New District

Contracting authority:
China Merchants Real Estate (Shenzhen) CO., LTD.

Urban Planning, Land Resources Commission of Shenzhen Municipality