1.Competition Background and Objectives

GM Phoenix Town is located in southeast Guangming New District, Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province, and is the location for Guangzhou-Shenzhen-HK High-Speed Railway link’s Guangmingcheng Railway Station, connecting Hong Kong with Guangzhou. It is an important link for Pearl River Delta (PRD) region’s integrated development, and is also one of Shenzhen’s 15 key development areas. The Development Guide and Planning Study for Guangming Phoenix Town prepared in 2014 aims to make Guangming Phoenix Town a communication and innovative service platform for PRD region, a cultivation base for Shenzhen’s innovative enterprises, as well as the key administration, commerce, culture, entertainment and public facilities zone for Guangming New District in future. At present Guangming Phoenix Town is following industry-focused development. Guangming Phoenix Town is an important global panel display industry base, as well as an important industrial cluster for strategic emerging industries, attracting leading first level projects, such as CSOT, China Merchants Smart City and Huaqiang Creative Industry Park, with an industrial scale exceeding RMB30 billion. The Development Guide and Planning Study for GM Phoenix Town provided core principles and construction direction for Guangming Phoenix Town’s recent development, and proposed to set “Guangming Green Ring” (tentative name) as a major step to improving Guangming Phoenix Town’s construction and main platform for developing the “Sponge City”, while improving environment quality and guiding urban development. Shenzhen Guangming New District Management Committee has organized a design competition on Guangming Green Ring project, to learn from Eco-Oriented Development (EOD) experiences, construct a “Sponge City”, carry out high quality construction of Guangming Phoenix Town with a high starting point, and use Guangming Green Ring construction to improve subsequent Guangming Phoenix Town development while advocating “ecology comes first”. The competition is open to global applicants, and welcomes participation from design institutions with rich planning and design experiences. The competition aims to attract high class design teams, gain knowledge through practical experiences, generate innovative ideas, and create a vibrant platform for brainstorming and discussions on creating the Guangming Green Ring. Studying space utilization and functionality in the Guangming Green Ring will help further refine practices, landscape space design, public leisure and transportation for “Sponge City”. The competition will help put forward suggestions on construction and management model, and boost green, healthy and high quality development of Guangming Phoenix City.

2.Competition Form

The competition will have open registrations and include three phases. (1)Phase One: Prequalification Use open registrations to bring in global design institutions. Design institutions/ partners that have completed registration should submit registration documents as per requirements in technical specifications. The organizer will setup an expert review committee to review registration documents submitted by design institutions/ partners, and select 5 high quality design institutions (including partners, referred together as “design institutions”) for the formal design competition phase. (2)Phase Two: Design Competition The organizer will arrange site visit and a Q&A session, and initiate the design competition phase. Finalist institutions will carry out formal design preparation work. Valid designs confirmed to having met submission requirements shall be reviewed by the review committee, and they will choose the winning design institution and publish review results. The sponsor will entrust the winning design institution to prepare the detailed design and integrate the same. (3)Phase Three: Detailed Design The winner will prepare the detailed design and integrate it. The detailed design should meet requirements of a detailed site plan, and the design shall be the basis for design and implementation of subsequent projects.

3.Registration Conditions and Contents

(1)Registration Conditions a) Registrations are open to local and overseas design institutions, however overseas design institutions must register in partnership with local institutions. b) Planning and design personnel participating in the competition should be employees of their respective design institutions, and the chief designer should directly participate during the whole course of the competition. The design team should include personnel with background in urban planning, landscape, ecology, water conservancy, traffic carchitecture, etc. In order to ensure design personnel accurately understand design requirements and the Chinese background, there must be at least one member with good knowledge of Chinese in the design team. c) This competition is open to design institutions and design partners, but not to individuals. d) Provide a basic concept for the project design (freeform), especially the understanding and ideas on the whole landscape planning and design for Guangming Green Ring. (2)Registration documents (original copy with signature and seal, see appendix) Note: Design institutions that have applied to participate in the competition cannot take part in the competition as partners with other design institutions, nor take part as consultants.

4.Submit Registration Documents

(1) Participants should send the registration form to the organizer’s e-mail address (scd-competition@szdesigncenter.org) before August 12th, 2015 (2) All printed registration materials should be submitted to organizer before the registration deadline. Mailing Address: Unit 303, A Building, Sculpture Home, No. 8 Zhongkang Road, Shangmeilin, Futian District, Shenzhen; Addressee: Mr. Chen/ Miss Yang.

5.Bonus and Related Costs

(1)Design Cost Compensation The 5 design institutions that passed prequalification and whose design submissions are confirmed as valid will receive design cost compensation of RMB 300,000. (2)Bonus The design institution that is selected as the winner by the review committee will receive a bonus of RMB 500,000. However, design cost compensation shall be deducted from the bonus. (3)Detailed Design Contract The detailed design contract fee is RMB 1,600,000. (4)Design Cost and Bonus Payment Design cost compensation and bonus will be paid in RMB. Taxes arising from design cost compensation and bonus shall be paid by respective design institutions. In case of design institutions that participate in the competition as partners, the sponsor will only contact and settle payment with the local partner. (5)Others All design institutions shall bear their travel expenses related to this competition. The design cost and bonus for this competition include payment for sponsor’s right to share design copyright (intellectual property).


Phase Time Items
Phase One: Prequalification August 5th, 2015 Publish notice
August 5th– August 15th, 2015 Open registrations
Before August 15th, 2015, 17:00 Registration deadline
August 16th, 2015 Organize qualification review
August 17th – August 19th, 2015 Publish prequalification results
Phase Two: Design Competition August 19th, 2015 Site visit, Q&A and release related consultation documents
Before October 8th, 2015, 17:00 Submit design results
October 9th, 2015– tentative Organize design review
October 10th, 2015– tentative Publish design review results(3 working days)
Phase Three: Detailed Design October 10th - December 10st, 2015 Integrate and create detailed design

Note: Time mentioned above is based on Beijing time. The sponsor reserves the right to adjust the schedule. Any changes or modifications will be published on the organizer’s website (www.szdesigncenter.org) 7 days in advance.

7.Registration Form & Data


8.Contact Information

Host: Shenzhen Guangming New District Management Committee Sponsor: Shenzhen Guangming New District Development and Construction Office Shenzhen Urban Planning and Land Resources Committee Guangming Division Organizer: Shenzhen Urban Design and Promotion Center Contact Person: Mr. Chen or Miss Yang Tel: (86)755-83243435 E-mail: scd-competition@szdesigncenter.org Information website: http://www.szdesigncenter.org Phoenix Town website:http://www.gmfhc.cn/ Competition Weibo:http://e.weibo.com/szdesigncenter Competition Wechat: shenzhen-design (or directly scan the following QR code)