1. Project Title

Shenzhen Rail Transit No.6 Line Changzhen Vehicle Base Plan & Design, and Changzhen Vehicle Depot Overall Property Development and Architectural Design

2. Project Overview

2.1. Changzhen Vehicle Base is located in Guangming Street, Guangming New Area. Land usage primarily involves residential and commercial land, and land for public service facilities, with total land area of 110.65 hectares approximately. Planned built-up area for this base is 2.3 million m2 approximately.

2.2. The site for Changzhen Vehicle Depot is located within Changzhen Vehicle Base’s range. Planned land usage involves residential and commercial land, with land area of 31.44 hectares and plot ratio of 2.3, and planned built-up area is 720,000 m2 approximately. The vehicle depot’s above station area is 17 hectares approximately, and planned residential land has a plot ratio of 1.0 approximately. Total planned built-up area is 190,000 m2, and plot ratio-based calculated built-up area is 170,000 m2 approximately, with construction investment of RMB800 million. Open land area is 14.44 hectares approximately, and planned residential and commercial land has a plot ratio of 3.8 approximately. The planned and designed built-up area is 550,000 m2 approximately.

3. Bidding Contents

3.1. Create site plan for Changzhen Vehicle Base according to statutory plan adjustment program for Changzhen Vehicle Depot site, and apply design concept on open land in Changzhen Vehicle Depot site, especially with regards to business planning, design and traffic organization on both sides of the site. Create transfer plan interconnecting with the planned No. 18 Metro Route, and technical design layout to optimize Changzhen Vehicle Depot, in order to guarantee seamless connectivity between stations and above station properties, and between stations to maximize value.

3.2. Conduct overall plan and design, project design, develop preliminary design and construction drawing design, and coordinate during construction stage (including but not limited to the building, structure, architecture, electrics, water supply and drainage, heating, ventilation and air conditioning, building energy efficiency design, overall outdoor design, public facilities design within the scope of red line and interconnectivity design possibly outside the red line and municipal pipeline), and combine above results on above station property at Changzhen Vehicle Depot. Relevance between above station and under station shall be fully considered in the construction plan design, and overall relationship with surrounding open land shall be considered, to guarantee smooth development of construction drawing design, construction, construction commencement for subsequent No.6 Line Vehicle Depot and promote smooth implementation of integrated properties surrounding No.6 Line.

3.3. Coordination, design and adjustment for special design related to the project

3.4 Owners and relevant government departments require design consultation and evaluation data, to meet and coordinate application review and approval.

4. Qualification Requirements for Bidders

4.1 Enterprise Qualification Requirements: Independent Bidder or joint bidder shall possess Class A qualification for Housing Construction Design of the People's Republic of China and Class B and above qualifications for Urban and Rural Planning.

4.2 Project Manager Qualification: Accredited with Certified Architect Level 1 qualification.

4.3. Bidders may participate in project bidding in the form of a consortium (domestic or international). Parties submitting their bid in the form of consortium shall comply with the following requirements:

4.4.1 There shall be no more than two members in the consortium, and both parties in the consortium are forbidden to form other consortiums with other design units independently, or to otherwise participate in bidding.

4.4.2 Both parties in the consortium shall sign a legally binding Consortium Agreement, and the agreement shall specify in detail, division of labor, duties and contribution to design cost at each design stage, between both parties.

4.4.3 Overseas (including Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan regions) bidders shall have independent legal entities, and they shall have 50 or more international architectural design consultants (including Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan regions) and registered architects.

4.4.4 The leading party in the consortium shall control project work process, and shall be a domestic party possessing Class A Qualification for Housing Construction Design of the People’s Republic of China.

4.4 Experience Requirements: The Bidder shall possess the following project experience:

4.4.1 From January 1st, 2000 onwards, overseas (including Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan regions) bidders shall have undertaken a minimum of one TOD model comprehensive architectural development project independently or as the leading unit, in Mainland China or overseas (including Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan regions). (TOD is a Transit-Oriented Development model that aligns with public transport requirements. In this model towns are established with rail transit such as subway, light rail, and bus line stations at the center, integrating work, commerce, culture, education, housing, etc., within a 400 to 800 meter radius, to create a well-coordinated compact city cluster development.)

4.4.2 From January 1st, 2000 onwards, domestic bidders shall have undertaken a minimum of one TOD model comprehensive development architectural project independently or as the leading unit, in Mainland China or overseas (including Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan regions).

4.4.3. From January 2000 onwards, the bidder shall possess the following project experience: Architectural design for commercial complex projects with total built-up area of 100,000 m2 and above.

4.4.4 From January 2000 onwards, the bidder shall possess the following project experience: Detailed planning and design for commercial complex projects with total built-up area of 1 million m2 and above.

4.4.5 The bidders shall have related design experience ranging from project conceptual design, preliminary design, construction design, to construction cooperation stage.

4.4.6 All experience details shall include scanned copies of key pages from the original contract(s), and the contact person and telephone number of the Owner(s) for the related project(s).

4.5. Permanent Staff Requirements: There shall be a permanent office setup in Shenzhen with at least 30 permanent staff (Please provide Shenzhen social security certificate from August 2014 to July 2015)

4.6. Individual bidders or joint bidders made up of individuals are not accepted for this project.

5. Pre-qualification Method

Scoring for this Pre-qualification shall be based on qualifications, project experience, proposed project designers and other aspects. The top 5 bidders based on scores will be invited to join in the bidding process. 3 alternative bidders will be selected based on scores lower than the top 5 bidders, and such alternative bidders will sequentially substitute one of the top 5 bidders, in case the invited bidder withdraws. Bidders who are not invited shall not be allowed to attend this bidding. The 5 design institutions that passed prequalification and whose design submissions are confirmed as valid will receive design cost compensation of RMB 300,000.

6. Bidding period

after offcial announcement,no less than 50days.

7. Receiving Pre-qualification Application Document

The Bidders shall receive pre-qualification document from September 16th, 2015 09:00 to October 16th 2015 17:00 (Beijing time. The same shall be followed in future references) at

www.szdesigncenter.org Obtain.

8. Submitting Pre-qualification Application Documents

8.1 The deadline for submission of pre-qualification application documents (application deadline, the same shall be followed in future references) shall be October 16th, 2015 17:00 and addressed to Art De vivre 1st Floor, Building B, No.8 Sculpture Yard, Zhongkang Road, Futian District, Shenzhen.

8.2 The tenderee shall reject pre-qualification application documents submitted after the deadline or not served at designated site.

9. Contacts

Tenderee: Shenzhen Metro Group Co., Ltd

Address: 24F, Metro Building, No.1016, No.1 Middle Futian Road, Futian District, Shenzhen

Contact persons: Mr Qi

Contact phone: (86)755-23882705

E-mail: qichao@shenzhenmc.com (Please verify email ID before sending email)

Organizer: Shenzhen Urban Design and Promotion Center

Contact Person: Mr. Chen or Miss Yue

Tel: (86)755-83243059

E-mail: scd-competition@szdesigncenter.org

Annex1.Qualification review document
Annex2.design key point
Annex3.Statutory plan & Topography map
Annex4.project information
Annex5.Urban planning target