The project is located in Kengzi Center, Pingshan District. According to the Statutory Plan of Shenzhen [Kengzi Center and Laokeng Area], plots 09-06 and 09-09 are the appointed sites for the Culture, Science and Technology Center. Plot 09-06 is located in the northwest of Guangzu Park, bordering Ji Kang Lu to the north and Guang Zu Nan Lu to the west. Plot 09-09 is located in the southwest of Guangzu Park, bordering a planned road to the south and Guang Zu Nan Lu to the west. The urban design research scope includes plots 08-26, 08-27, 08-28, 09-06, 09-07, 09-08, 09-09, 09-10 and 09-11, covering an area of about 197,000 m2.

Currently, Ji Kang Lu on the north of the site is an existing secondary urban trunk road, while Dan Zi Da Dao on the south is an existing main urban trunk road. An elevated section of the Xiamen-Shenzhen Railway is built above Dan Zi Da Dao. Guang Zu Nan Lu on the west is an existing urban branch road, and Wei Xi Lu on the south is a planned road. There is a dense bus station network around the site, which makes it highly accessible. So far there is no metro station around. Metro Line 14 is planned to pass the nearby area, and its nearest station to the site is Kengzi Station, which will be located near the intersection of Shen Shan Gong Lu and Ji Xiang Lu. The new station will be about 1.3 kilometers away from the site, which is about 18-minute walk.

Area of Design Competition for Kengzi Culture, Science and Technology Center

Work Content

The design task consists of two parts: positioning concept research and architectural design. The scope of positioning concept research (i.e. urban design research) is as shown below, which covers an area of about 197,000 m2. The research should mainly focus on the relationship between the project and the surrounding environment, especially the relationship with Guangzu Park, Kengzi Theatre and Kengzi Square, considering all of them as a whole. Architectural design includes architectural schematic design and landscape concept design. The site area for architectural design is 17,310.4 m2, among which the size of plot 09-06 is 7,253 m2, and plot 09-09 is 10,056 m2. The design content includes a culture center, a science and technology museum, a book mall and reading service center, a small intelligent library and supporting commercial facilities and underground space for the above mentioned functional buildings. The green space between the two plots is park land that requires landscape concept design.

Registration Requirements

(1) Design qualifications of the design firms: Grade A Comprehensive Engineering Design Qualification,or Grade A Engineering Design Qualification for Construction Industry (Construction Engineering) .

(2) Qualifications of the project principal: National Grade I Registered Architect.

(3) Consortium: the Competition is open to all design firms and accepts registration in name of consortium. Design firms with the relevant design experiences within and outside China may collaborate with the qualified design firms within China to participate in the Competition. The number of the consortium members shall be no more than 3. None of the consortium members shall again participate in the Competition in its own name, or the name of a consortium with other design firms. The leading party of the consortium shall be a qualified design firm within China. Registration by individuals or groups of individuals is not allowed.

(4) Design team: The design personnel involved in this Competition should be the staff on the payroll of the corresponding design firm. The chief designer must have the experiences of directing multiple similar design projects, and must directly participate in the whole Competition process in person. The project team should include at least one member who is proficient in the Chinese language to ensure the accurate understanding of the background and relevant requirements of the Project.

(5) Similar project experiences: Experiences on the similar cultural complex projects are required.


The Competition includes three phases: namely prequalification ,Schematic Design (SD) ,Design Development (DD) ,Construction Document (CD) and subsequent servicesThe Competition will be released officially in early November to openly invite the design firms worldwide to participate in the Competition.The Prequalification Committee will preliminarily review the registered design firms and shortlist 6 (including consortiums) on merit basis to proceed to the design competition phase.After the shortlisted design firms officially submit the design proposals as per the relevant requirements, an expert evaluation meeting will be held to evaluate and rank such design proposals. The design firm wining the first place will be awarded the contract, with a winner candidate to be recommended. If the winner fails to perform the contract, the winner candidate shall fill the vacancy to win the bid.The winner is to detail the architectural SD up to the DD and CD level, and provide the subsequent services.

Time schedule (Subject to announcement at Shenzhen Construction Project Transaction Service Net)


Date and Time


Phase 1


Nov.14, 2018

Release of official announcement and Design Brief (Technical)

By 18:00, Nov.28, 2018

Deadline for submitting registration documents and conceptual proposal

Dec.07, 2018

Prequalification meeting

Dec.08, 2018

Announcement of prequalification results

Phase 2

Schematic Design (SD)

Dec.17, 2018

Site visit and Q&A

Dec.29, 2018

Deadline for submitting questions

By 16:00, Jan.15, 2019

Official submission of design proposals

Jan.17, 2019

Evaluation meeting

Jan.18, 2019

Announcement of evaluation results

Phase 3

Design Development (DD) , Construction Document(CD) and subsequent services

May, 2019

The winner is to detail the architectural SD up to the DD level

Notes: All the time and dates are shown in Beijing Time. The Employer reserves the right to adjust the schedule.


The total fixed SD fee is RMB 2.75 million yuan ,the fixed unit price for the DD fee RMB 61yuan/sqm and the fixed unit price for the CD fee RMB 101 yuan/sqm.The design stipend totals RMB 1.1 million yuan. The design fee is tentatively determined at RMB 14.88 million yuan based on the tentative GFA of 68,000 sqm.


The design firm wining the first place will be awarded the design contract without being paid the stipend. The winner candidate will receive a stipend of RMB 300,000 yuan, and the other 4 shortlisted design firms will each receive a stipend of RMB 200,000 yuan. The stipends will be paid by the competition winner.



Preparatory Office of the Government-invested Projects of Pingshan District, Shenzhen
Culture, Sports and Tourism Administration of Pingshan District, Shenzhen
Contact person: Mr Lu 0755-28339211

Technical Support: Shenzhen Center for Public Art (Shenzhen Center for Design)
Contact person: Ms Xu 0755-83243435

Competition Agent: Shenzhen Jianchengda Cost Engineering Consultant Co.Ltd
Contact person: MrGuan 13602546765