As one of ten measures taken by Shenzhen Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government for the citizens’ well-beings in 1999, Dameisha Seaside Park (the Park) has been upgraded through multiple rounds of design and become one of the city’s showcases and an important node of the golden coast in the east of Shenzhen. Unfortunately the Park was almost totally destructed by the Super Typhoon Mangkhut in September 2018 and is facing the pressing task to restore the landscape, improve the coastline construction and strengthen the disaster prevention measures.

Considering the significance of the Park’s comprehensive environmental improvement project, we decide to launch an international competition to solicit the most creative concept from design firms worldwide. The goal is to create a world-class seaside park landscape based on strategic perspective, forward-looking vision, high standards and superior quality, making it a new example of international reputation in the new era; and to comprehensively improve the Park’s ecological environment, infrastructure, shoreline safety and environmental landscape, making it an important urban functional node for people’s well-beings.

Design Scope and Study Scope of Dameisha Seaside Park


Design Scope

The design scope covers the implementation scope for the landscape improvement of the Park and Yanmei Rd. The two parts should be considered and designed in an integrated manner. The implementation scope of the Park is 20.07 ha. and the coastline is 1.4 km long. The main design scope of Yanmei Rd is the middle section that intersects with Huanmei Rd and Songcai Rd (the road sinking feasibility study is now underway).

Study Scope

The planning study scope covers Dameisha Area (280 ha.) which is bounded on the north by OCT East, on the west by a residential development Vanke East Coast, and on the east by another residential development Vanke Tianqin Bay. Comprehensive studies for this area are required in view of the planning, tourist industry and traffic of Yantian District, so as to provide guidance for the redevelopment in Dameisha. There are no specific requirements on the work contents and detailing level of the planning studies which are up to the consideration of the design firms.

Work Content

The design contents shall include but not be limited to the following:

Conceptual planning: including master planning, functional zoning, traffic organization, attraction layout and facility study;

Landscape design: including but not limited to greening, pavement, lighting, signage, and public art;

Architectural design: providing conceptual design for the public supporting buildings inside the Park;

Operation strategy: providing feasibility suggestions on the service and operation of the Park based on the conceptual planning, landscape design and supporting facility design.

Registration Requirements

This Competition adopts a hybrid mechanism where six design firms are invited while three are shortlisted from the registered design firms to participate in the Competition.

After due deliberation and initial contacts, the Host intends to invite the following six design firms to participate in the Competition

- SWA Group

- AZPML Ltd.

- McGregor Coxall 革巧索

- Stefano Boeri Architetti 博埃里建筑设计咨询(上海)有限公司

- 瑞典 Mandaworks 建筑规划事务所


The list of invited design firms is subject to the Invitation Letter officially issued by the Organizer and the Confirmation Letter submitted by the design firm.

In addition to the invited design firms, both local and international design firms can register to participate in the Competition. There is no criteria for design qualification certificate, while the registration in name of consortium, individual, and group of individuals will not be accepted.


The official announcement will be released in December to openly solicit the registration of the design firms. The design firms shall submit the registration materials as required by the relevant document.

The Prequalification Committee will review the portfolio and designer CVs of the registered design firms, and shortlist three design firms to participate in the Competition. The Co-organizer will finalize the shortlists and issue the Shortlist Notice, Design Brief and other relevant documents.

Site visit and Q&A will be organized for the shortlisted design firms.

After the shortlisted design firms submit the design proposals, the Expert Committee will review and evaluate the design proposals and recommend three winning proposals. The Host will deliberate the three recommended proposals, finalize the winner of the first place, and announce the evaluation result by early March.

The specific time is arranged as follows:



Dec.20, 2018

Release of official announcement and work rule

By 17:00, Dec.29, 2018

Open registration

Deadline for submitting electronic registration materials

By 17:00, Jan.3, 2019

Submission of paper registration materials (the effectiveness of registration is subject to the receipt of the paper documents).

Jan.9, 2019 (tentative)

Assessment of the registration materials by the Prequalification Committee to shortlist 3 design firms to proceed with the subsequent design phase

Jan.10, 2019 (tentative)

Announcement of prequalification result and distribution of Shortlist Notice and Design Brief (Technical)

Jan.18 – Jan.31 , 2019

Site visit and Q&A

Deadline for submitting questions in written form

By 17:00, Feb.28, 2019

Submission of design proposals

Mar.5, 2019 (tentative)

Proposal evaluation meeting

Mar.5, 2019 (tentative)

Announcement of evaluation results

Early March, 2019

Announcement of the first place winner


The first place winner (1 winner) will receive a reward of RMB Three Millions Only (in numbers: RMB3,000,000) and a design detailing fee of RMB Two Millions Only (in numbers: RMB2,000,000).

The second place winners (8 winners) will each receive a reward of RMB Five Hundred Thousand Only (in numbers: RMB500,000).

Yantian District Government, Shenzhen

Host: Yantian District Government, Shenzhen

Organizer: Yantian District Construction Engineering Affairs Bureau, Shenzhen

Co-organizer: Shenzhen Center for Design (Shenzhen Center for Public Art)

Contact person: Ms. Li

Tel: +86 755 83995241


Address: Room 303, Block A, Shenzhen Sculpture Academy, 8 Zhongkang Rd, Shangmeilin, Futian District, Shenzhen