The project is located at the space node connecting the city center of Shenzhen and the city axis of Hong Kong, which is adjacent to Fu Min Road to the north and Fu Qiang Road to the south,on the east is Jintian Road, on the top is Huanggang Village, on the bottom is Futian Port and Huanggang,This address is the political、economic and cultural center of  Futian District,In addition, it is a compound urban central area that integrates many functions such as residential office, commercial exhibition and so on.Design should focus first on the evolution of the whole city context and developmental perspective、selective analysis of Shenzhen City and Futian District's own regional attributes,The Evolution and Formation of Characteristics and Architectural Cultural Heritage. Make this project a fine building in the region。We will to provide good leisure,entertainment、shopping、office、residential and other places for the public,also build it into a new business card of the city image of the Shenzhen - Hong Kong portal.

Work Content

The bid winner will be responsible for the architectural design within the project red line, in-depth design, control of the design results involved in each consulting link, construction coordination, check and approval of on-site effect, concept design of landscape, primary design of facade. The relevant requirements are detailed in thetender documents.

Registration Requirements

1)Have First Rate of National Architecture Decoration Design(First Rate of Overseas Architecture Decoration)

2)Please register with the deadline for submission of  information.

3)The application documents shall include at least three aspects of the company's strength and performance information and plan proposal .

4)The designers participating in this bidding activity shall be registered personnel of the design organization.

5)The chief designer responsible for the project is the first class architect.


1) The bidder shall have the design qualification of Grade A of domestic construction specialty.

2) The competent government department will set up a prequalification Committee according to law,The tender assessment panel,having assessed unit valid tenders,shall decide the second stage competitive bidding phase.

3)All the competitors should submit the deliverables according to the design brief.And the scheme review jury will select the top 4 winners through open vote.,and provide advice for optimization. The client preserves the right to require the top 4 winners to improve their schemes according to the scheme review jury’s opinion, the time for scheme improvement should be no more than2weeks.

4)After urban plan review of the top 2 schemes, the client will organize a jury accordingly to decide the winner through open vote. The final winner will be awarded of the design contract of the project.

5)If the number of qualified participants is less than three, the client has the right to terminate the tender.

6)The tendering unit shall give the relevant bidding documents to the tendering unit after registering according to the registration time specified in this document.The tendering unit does not centrally organize site reconnaissance, and the tendering unit will organize its own reconnaissance.

The tendering unit encourages other design units to participate in bidding,Its design results are treated equally with the inviting units in bid evaluation,The design unit preparing to participate in the bidding shall notify the tendering unit in writing before the deadline of the registration cycle.

☆All the time mentioned is Beijing time. The client preserves the right to adjust the schedule.




1) 方案评审中标单位,无设计保底费,中标单位如不继续承担本项目后阶段工程设计任务,招标方支付方案费人民币二十万元整,如继续承担本项目后阶段工程设计任务,则不支付方案费,由双方另行签订方案设计合同(以上费用均含税费)。

2) 方案设计保底费为二十万元。

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