In the new era, the country has evolved into a new stage emphasizing on connotative development and improvement of the people’s well-being and livelihood. As one of the core cities of Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area and one of the leading maritime capitals of the world, Shenzhen has been striving to build itself into a national forest city and the world's famous garden city, regarding “Urban Quality Improvement Year” as a normal state of carrying out the work, and focusing on important contents including optimization of its urban quality and modernized functions, and ensuring and improving the people’s livelihood as well.

As the east extension line of Shennan Boulevard, Shenyan Road is the most important traffic artery as well as dynamical axis of urban development of Yantian District. Along with Metro Line 1 putting into operation and accelerated development of renewal projects along the road, the spatial form of urban construction land along Shenyan Road will change significantly, and there is an urgent need to improve urban quality relying on the reconstruction of Shenyan Road. Therefore, Yantian District plans to organize this International Design Competition of Shenyan Road Landscape Improvement Project and attract internationally top design teams to rebuild this road into a benchmark and model of road quality improvement by taking the opportunity of pavement rehabilitation of Shenyan Road after metro construction.

Work Content

Carry out deep analysis on various factors (land utilization, road traffic, landscape environment, climate, humanistic and cultural resources, etc.) of Sha Tau Kok Sub-district, Haishan Sub-district and Yantian Sub-district, find the characteristics, identify the problems, put forward overall design principles, design ideas and design objectives for Shenyan Road based on analysis of current situation, oriented by problems-solving and complementarily directed by the objectives.

Lay emphasis on the design of surrounding areas and crossing facilities for Sha Tau Kok Station (including the portal of Wutong Mountain Tunnel), intersection between Shenyan Road and Shayan Road, Haishan Station (including the district government area), Yantian Port Station and Beishan Overpass. Include but not limited to suggestion on traffic optimization, slow traffic system design, crossing facilities design, road greening design, street furniture design, and design of lighting night scene, etc..

Please refer to the Design Brief of the International Design Competition of Shenyan Road Landscape Improvement Project for detailed competition information.

Registration Requirements

Applicants are not required to have domestic design qualifications of PRC for this International Competition. Design firms home and abroad with design experience of urban arterial roads are warmly welcome to take part in this International Competition independently or as a design consortium.

Design firms with following similar project experience will enjoy certain priority:

(1) Rich experience in landscape design of urban arterial roads with successful cases;

(2) Rich practical planning and design experience in transformation and renovation of urban arterial roads;

(3) Rich planning and design experience in urban slow traffic system.


This International Competition is composed of two stages, namely Prequalification as Stage I and Design Competition as Stage II. For the Prequalification Stage, six shortlisted design firms will be selected out to issue the Invitation to Formulate the Design Scheme according to their submitted registration documents. For the Design Competition Stage, the design deliverables submitted by the six invited firms will be ranked by the experts' review and final selection. Those invited design firms can win corresponding bonus according to their ranking. The first-prize winner shall integrate and optimize these deliverables at the competition stage into a formal design scheme (excluding the design development and construction design) according to the experts' review comments and the Organizer’s requirements.



April 2, 2019

Release the Announcement, Working Rules, and Design Brief (Announced Version), etc.

April 2 to 23, 2019


Before 17:00, April 23, 2019

Registration deadline

April 25, 2019

The jury panel of prequalification will carry out preliminary review on the registration documents submitted by applicants, and select six (6) design firms to issue the Invitation

April 26, 2019

Release the prequalification result and issue the Invitation to Formulate the Design Scheme

April 30, 2019

Site visit, Q&A, and issue the Design Brief (Official Version)

April 30-June 27, 2019


Before 17:00, June 27, 2019

Submission of design deliverables

June 28, 2019

Hold the evaluation meeting of design schemes

Before July 5, 2019

Final selection

July 5, 2019

Release the final competition result


The six (6) design firms with the Invitation to Formulate the Design Scheme, whose deliverables meet the requirements of the Design Brief and evaluated as valid by the jury panel of experts, can win corresponding bonus according to their ranking:

1st Prize: RMB Three Million Five Hundred Thousand Yuan (¥3,500,000.00 Yuan)(including the deepened design fee of RMB Two Million Yuan [¥2,000,000.00 Yuan]);

2nd to 3rd Prize: RMB Eight Hundred Thousand Yuan (¥800,000.00 Yuan) each;

4th to 6th Prize: RMB Five Hundred Thousand Yuan (¥500,000.00 Yuan) each.

The first-prize winner shall integrate and optimize these schemes in design competition stage into a formal design scheme (excluding the design development and construction design) according to the experts' review comments and the Organizer's requirements.

Host: The People's Government of Yantian District, Shenzhen

Undertaker: Shenzhen Yantian District Government Office for Prophase Investment Program

Consultant: Benecus Consultancy Limited


Mr. Zhang Yuanhai (for Chinese) Tel: +86 13631600111

Ms. Bamboo Lai (for English)     Tel: +86 13530670439

Registration E-mail:SYL2019@QQ.COM