ShenGang International Center is located at DaYun Precinct, LongGang District, Shenzhen, at the intersection of the HongGe Road, RuYi Road and LongFei Avenue. It is the leading project of Shenzhen plan of Shimao Group, which land area is 321,900sqm, GFA-counted-FAR is about 1,360,000sqm, and land use includes retail, public management and service facility, education facility, plaza and park green spaces.

Work Content

the design tender scope covers Plot 01-01, 03 and 04 (hereinafter referred as this Project). This Project is located on northeast side of the ShenGang International Center, which land use is retail + plaza. The Project aims at becoming a landmark city-level retail center of the ShenGang core area, bringing distinctive characteristics of the age to Shenzhen, and advocating new lifestyle business, leisure, entertainment and shopping experience.

Registration Requirements

  1. Requirements for registration: all domestic and international design companies can enroll for this bid, but no individual nor combination of individuals shall be accepted.

  2. Designers who take part in this bid should be formal staff members of the bidders; the chief designer who is in responsible of the project must directly participate in all stages of the design.

  3. Requirements for experience: in recent 5 years (since 1 Dec 2013), the bidder has done architectural design projects of similar scale (with evidence of scanned copies of original contracts, governed by dates when these contracts being signed)


  1. Competition rules (including schedule): this tender includes planning and architectural design, in the mode of invitation + open enrollment

  2. Evaluation and review of this bid shall be done via sealed bid. One bidder will be selected as the winner. The bid-winning bidder shall be awarded with the Design Contract of this project.

  3. If there are 3 or more qualified bidders participate in the bid when opening, evaluating and reviewing the bids, then these opening and elevating bids are valid. If there are fewer than 3 qualified bidders, the tenderer shall terminate this tender and re-organize the tender.

  4. The tenderer shall award bidders the tender document/s after bidders pass the qualification review and get bid qualification from the tenderer. The tenderer shall not organize site visit, while the bidder may visit the site on its own cost.

  5. The following companies are invited:

  • Woods Bagot Architectural Design Consultants (Beijing) Co., ltd.

  • Architectural Design and Research Institute of Guangdong Province

  • JSD

      The tenderer encourages other design companies to attend this bid, which design deliverables shall be regarded as same as those which are invited. The design companies which want to participate in this bid should send written notice to the tenderer within 5 days after the date when the tender document/s is/are issued.



Relevant affairs

12:00pm on 10 Apr. 2019

to 17:00pm on 16 Apr. 2019

Enrollment period, when bidders may ask questions via fax, emails, etc. The tenderer shall reply all documents of questions ASAP, no later than 1 business day by deadline

To 17:00pm on 6 May 2019

Bidders shall submit bid documents

6 May 2019

Evaluation and review of schemes

8 May 2019

Announce the result of evaluation and review of schemes



  1. The first one is the winning bidder. The winning bidder gets the design contract of this project. No design compensation is set for the non-winning bidder.

  2. All kinds of expenses incurred in the tender, including design fees and other taxes  shall be borne by the bidding units themselves.

Shenzhen Shimao New Milestone Industrial Co., Ltd.

Host: Shenzhen Shimao New Milestone Industrial Co., Ltd.

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Supervision authority: Shenzhen Planning and Land Resources Management Committee LongGang Management Bureau

Contact person: ZhiLi Zhang

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Address: suite 1105, Construction Building, downtown, LongGang District, Shenzhen (Shenzhen Planning and Land Resources Management Committee LongGang Management Bureau)