The project is located in the central area of Futian, facing LianHua mountain and the right side of the urban landscape axis on LongLi road, which belongs to the key area of Shenzhen. There are large public service facilities and commercial facilities around, such as Shenzhen Citizen's Center, Concert Hall, Library, Museum of Contemporary Art & Planning Exhibition, Shenzhen Book City, etc. which are fully equipped and can be shared with children's hospital. The site topography and geological conditions all meet the requirements of the construction project.

The surrounding public transport conditions are superior, and the landscape environment is good, nearby 4 large parks, and a large number of public green space resources.

Work Content

The overall scale of the plot of the new and old hospital area of Shenzhen children's hospital will be taken as the research object to carry out the planning concept design. And Science & Education Building as the construction object, carry out the total design.

Among them, the total construction area of Science & Education Building is required to be more than 100,000 square meters, less than 120,000 square meters, and which floor area is more than 80,000 square meters. Science & Education Building functions are mainly composed of "scientific research + teaching + rehabilitation and health care +supporting services".

In addition, in order to solve the problems of crowded outpatient service, insufficient beds and blocked flow lines in the old area of hospital, the spatial development potential of the old area should be explored. And the suggested Expansion Plots of the old area should be simultaneously planned, and which location, area and height of this Expansion Plots should be selected and determined. 

The architectural design of the Extended Plots of the old area will not be included in this project.

Registration Requirements

1.This tender is open to the world. Domestic and overseas design organizations with relevant design experience may apply for participation. A copy of legal registration document at tender's home country is required.

2.Joint groups are permitted, and the number of joint groups shall not exceed three.


The tender is divided into two stages: the first stage is open enrollment and conceptual design Competition; the second stage is thedeepening design and scheme review of the Science & Education Building.

1.Open enrollment and concept design competition

Application qualification examination method: qualification post - examination.

The Tenderee will set up a selection committee according to law, which will select 6 bidders to enter the second stage of competition, as well as 2 standby bidders (sequenced). If any of the first 6 quits the second stage of competition, a standby bidder will be selected as per sequence.

2.Shenzhen children's hospital, Science & Education Building, deepening design bidding stage

The selection committee will use a secret ballot (round by round elimination) to finally choose the 1st to 6th bidders, and the first one will be the winning unit, and the evaluation committee will put forward optimization opinions on the winning scheme.


The total design fee of this tender is temporarily estimated at CNY 27.6 million. It consists of these two parts:

1.Total design fee = buildingarea * unit price. Fixed unit price is CNY 205/meter, no adjustment forunit price in settlement. The construction area is temporarily calculated according to the corresponding construction area of 120,000 square meters in the approval of the project proposal of Shenzhen Municipal Development and Reform Commission. The total design fee is temporarily priced at CNY 24.6 million, and the final construction area is subject to the actual plan. 

The total design service fee is divided into basic remuneration (90%) and performance remuneration (10%), and the performance remuneration is paid according to the performance evaluation results.

2.The bonus and compensation for the losing units totaled CNY 3 million (fixed fee) , and will be paid by the winning unit.


The compensation for the losing units in this tendering shall be paid by the winning unit. The bonus and compensation for the losing units shall be fixed expenses and shall not be adjusted in the settlement.

1. In the first stage, the first, second and third finalist will be awarded a prize of CNY 250,000, CNY 200,000 and CNY150,000 respectively; the fourth, fifth and sixth finalists will be awarded each CNY 100,000 .

2. The compensation for the second and third bidders in the second stage is CNY 900,000 and CNY 600,000 respectively; the fourth, fifth and sixth bidders' compensation for losing the bid is each CNY 200,000 .

3. The above fees are inclusiveof tax.

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