International Consultation on the Urban Design of Shenzhen Xili Hub will soon be launched!

I. Project Background

According to the Master Plan of Shenzhen Railway Hub (2016-2030), Xili Transport Hub (hereinafter referred to as Xili Hub) represents one of the “three main hubs and four sub-centers” in Shenzhen railway passenger transport system as well as one of the most important transport infrastructure projects in Shenzhen in the near future (Fig.1-1). In order to better promote the coordination and integration of Xili Hub and the city, both the Shenzhen Municipal People’s Government and China State Railway Group Co., Ltd. (formerly known as China Railway Corporation) agreed that the Xili Hub should carry out design and construction work based on the principle of “integrated urban-hub, transit-oriented development, convenient interchange, and deep integration”. Upholding the “station-city integration” concept, the international consultation will persist in the requirements of “globle vision, international standard, local characteristics and high positioning” to solicit forward-looking and innovative urban design proposals from domestic and foreign excellent design institutions.

Fig. 1-1: Master Plan of Shenzhen Railway Hubs

II. Project Overview

Located in Nanshan District, Xili hub is situated betweenShenzhen Bay district and Liuxiandong district of Shenzhen High-tech Industry Park (SHIP), with the most intensive scientific and educational resources, the highest level of development, and the strongest scientific and technological innovation capabilities in Shenzhen (Fig. 1-2). Xili Hub also possesses an essential strategic position in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area.

Fig. 1-2: Surroundings of the project

Occupying an area of 189 hectares, the urban design scope of the international consultation connects Shahe Xi Road in the east, Baoshen Road in the south, Nanhai Avenue in the west, and Chaguang Road in the north. Design institutions may appropriately expand the research scope according to actual needs,which covers Beihuan Avenue in the south and Liuxian Avenue in the north with an area of 750 hectares.

Fig. 1-3: Design scope of international consultation

Work Content

The urban design international consultation aims to solicit urban design solutions that combine international vision, advanced concepts, creative and implementation-oriented. The core hub area will be promoted in accordance with the principle of “integrated urban-hub, transit-oriented development, convenient interchange, and deep integration”. To this end, the international consultation shall explore the new design concept of “station-city integration” and form demonstration effect as the prerequisite. As a portal comprehensive transport hub, Xili Hub also serves as an important city parlor that showcase the outlook of the pioneering city of Shenzhen. An important goal that this international consultation should achieve is to suture the city split and restructure the core hub area, effectively promote the connection and exchange of innovative resources and urban vitality, and build a quality city parlor by taking the construction of Xili Hub as an opportunity.

Centered on the requirement of “Connect innovative momentum, serve axis of scientific and technological innovation, and converge city vitality”, this international consultation of urban design shall provide a systemic design for overall spatial framework, function, spatial form, transportation, public space and landscape, and the hub architecture, as well as propose operational and feasible implementation suggestions along with the phasing of hub construction.

Registration Requirements

There are no qualification restrictions for the registration of this international consultation, and it is open to design institutions at home and abroad. We encourage design institutions of different specialized fields to form consortium of which at least one institution shall have experience in integrated transport planning.

The design institution/consortium with project experience as below will be prioritized:

(1) With rich experience and successful cases in design of integrated transport hub area;

(2) With research and design experience of core area;

(3) With successful experience and completion cases in architectur design of large-scale integrated transport hub;

(4) With rich experience and successful cases in integrated transport planning and practice.

Registration by any individual will not be accepted for this consultation. The project team shall consist of professional personnel from multiple specialties, including urban planning, urban design, architectur design, transportation planning, etc.


International Consultation on the Urban Design of Shenzhen Xili Hub is co-hosted by Shenzhen Bureau of Urban Planning and Natural Resources and People’s Government of Nanshan District, Shenzhen, and organized by Nanshan Authority of Shenzhen Bureau of Urban Planning and Natural Resources. With the preparation in full swing, the official announcement will be released at the end of July, with an estimated competition period of about 100 days.

The consultation will be divided into two phases. Phase I will adopt the method of “invitation + publicity” to select 8 design institutions (consortium) to enter the follow-up scheme consultation. The hosts will establish a qualification review group which is comprised of relevant professional experts. Qualification review group will determine the design institutions (consortium) to enter the next phase.

Phase II is the urban design proposal preparation and review. Corresponding design compensation will be given to the selected 8 design institutions (consortium) after they submit deliverables in accordance with the requirements. Through design proposal review in Phase II, 3 winning institutions (consortium) without particular order will be selected and recommended to the hosts. The hosts will report the design proposals and experts’ review opinions to the administrative department and confirm the ultimately selected institutions (consortium).

For registration, design institutions (consortium) shall provide materials of their business performance, group composition, conceptual design, etc. Design institutions are welcomed to prepare for the consultation in advance.Pre-registration for the project is available. Please download the Attachment 1. Pre-registration Form and send the filled form to: requirements shall be subject to the official consultation documents.

For further inquiries and information access, please pay attention to: Website of Shenzhen Center for Design(,, WeChat Official Account of ABBS, or email to for inquiries.