Located at the intersection of Airport South Road and Bao’an Boulevard, Bao’an District, Shenzhen, the Project is planned with 800 beds and and a tentative GFA of 184,500m2 on a site area of 51,700m2. Intended as a tertiary Level A general hospital integrating rescue, clinical treatment, disease prevention, rehabilitation, research and education, it will contribute to the “double-campus operation mode” of the Central Hospital of Bao’an District. Featuring air and sea rescue, with practice in rescue training and public education, the Project is defined as an air-sea-land emergency rescue hub. It will be the first Chinese hospital that establishes an international air-sea multi-dimensional first-aid system, which well fits the planning of GBA and Shenzhen’s role as a demonstration pilot zone for socialism with Chinese characteristics.

Work Content

The bidding scope includes but is not limited to the following:

(1) Feasibility study report for the construction site.

(2)Whole-process design service for construction site, from SD and cost estimate, DD and budgetary estimate, CD design and relevant itemized design detailing, medical design, green building design, steel structure design for fabricated building and other supplementary design, sponge city design, green building evaluation label consultation and certification, construction site cooperation and as-built drawings till the final acceptance.

(3)Full-process BIM deliverables and design collaboration through BIM platform

Registration Requirements

Eligible bidders shall hold the following qualifications:

1.Business qualification: bidders should hold both qualifications below.

(1) Grade A qualification certificate for engineering consultation (architecture, covering the development of feasibility study report) or on the record of the National Investment Project Online Approval and Regulation Platform (architecture consultation, including project consultation)

(2)Grade A or higher grade of design qualification in building industry (building engineering)

3.Registration in name of a consortium is acceptable, while each consortium should have no more than 3 members. No consortium member is allowed to separately bid in its own name or join another consortium at the same time. The leading party of a consortium should have Grade A or higher grade of qualification in building industry (building engineering).

4. Qualification of proposed project principal: national first-class registered architect and senior engineer (assigned by the leading party in the case of a consortium).

5. Experience with similar projects: in recent five years (from the date of the Bidding Announcement), the bidder should have completed the design of at least one tertiary or tertiary Level-A general hospital with GFA of no less than 90,000m2 (completed by the leading party in the case of a consortium).



The project is subject to open bidding, while the prequalification will be conducted via registration.


A Bid Evaluation Committee will be organized by the Employer to evaluate the design deliverables submitted by bidders as per the rules stipulated in the Bidding Document via open vote and select three candidates (in random order) for bid finalization.

3.Bid finalization

A Bid Finalization Committee will be set up by the Employer to finalize the bid winner from the candidates recommended by the Bid Evaluation Committee.




Stage 1 Registration

Nov 8 2019

Release of the Bidding Announcement to open registration

Nov 11, 2019 (by 18:00)

Deadline for questions

Nov 12, 2019 (by 18:00)

Deadline for clarification

Nov 14, 2019 (by 18:00)

Deadline for registration

Nov 19, 2019-Nov 21, 2019

Prequalification and result announcement

Stage 2


Nov 19, 2019 (tentative)

Release of the Bidding Document and the Design Brief

Dec 23, 2019 (by 18:00) (tentative)

Deadline for questions

Dec 28, 2019 (by 18:00) (tentative)

Deadline for clarification

Jan 3, 2020 (by 10:00) (tentative)

Deadline for submission of design deliverables and bid opening meeting

Jan 8, 2020 (tentative)

Bid evaluation meeting at Shenzhen Construction Project Transaction Service Center (Bao’an Branch) and result announcement

Stage 3 Bid finalization

Jan 17, 2020 (tentative)

Bid finalization meeting and result announcement


the ceiling for the feasibility study and design fee is RMB 53,472,782 yuan, including the fee for feasibility study report, design and BIM consultation as well as the design compensation for the two unsuccessful candidates.


the two unsuccessful candidates will each be compensated with RMB 200,000 yuan.

For requirements on documents format and subsequent schedule, please visit the website of Shenzhen Construction Project Transaction Service Center (Bao’an Branch)


Health Bureau of Bao’an District, Shenzhen

Employer: Health Bureau of Bao’an District, Shenzhen

Bidding agent: Shenzhen Yuepeng Construction Co., Ltd.

Contact person: Mr. Yan (Tel: 0755-23287139)