On Jan. 10, 2020, the Prequalification Meeting of the International Competition of Conceptual Design for Weiyuan Island Forest Park, Dongguan Binhaiwan Bay Area, organized by Dongguan Binhaiwan Bay Area Management Committee, was held in Dongguan City. The jury panel of prequalification was constituted by 6 experts in areas of urban planning & design, architectural design and landscape design and 1 representative from the Organizer. They read and carried out discussion & evaluation on all the application documents submitted by 36 registered design teams independently or in consortiums, which consist of 64 domestic and international design firms. According to the disclosed voting result, 4 invited firms to enter the next-stage design competition and two alternatives are as follows:

4 Invited Firms (In no particular order):

Consortium: MLA+B.V. & Guangzhou Landscape Planning and Design Institute;

Consortium: Guangzhou Urban Planning and Design Survey Research Institute & AECOM LTD. (Shanghai);

Consortium: RMJM Shanghai Architecture and Planning Design Co., Ltd. & Guangdong Urban Rural Planning and Design Institute;

Consortium: LAY-OUT Planning Consultants Co., Ltd. & OKRA Landschapsarchitecten B.V.

Alternatives (In case any invited firm quits, they can take its place in order.):

First Alternative: Consortium: SED Landscape Architects Limited & PWL Partnership Landscape Architects Inc.;

Second Alternative: Consortium: Pubang Landscape Architecture Co., Ltd. & APScape.

We will issue the Invitation to Invitation to Draft the Design Scheme to the 4 shortlisted firms. Furthermore, we will organize the Site Visit & Q&A Session on Jan. 17, 2020.

Those registered design firms that failed to receive the Invitation can voluntarily take part in the next stage of design competition. If those design firms would like to take part in it, they shall send the Confirmation Letter of Participation (see the Appendix) to wydslgy@qq.com before 17:00, Feb. 9, 2020 to confirm their participation in the design competition at next stage. If their schemes meet the requirements set in the design brief, the can take part in the review. Except for the design compensation, they will enjoy equal opportunity to win the bonus (the first prize includes the detailing design fees) as the rest invited firms.

Hereby announced!

Dongguan Binhaiwan Bay Area Management Committee

Jan. 13, 2020

Dongguan Bianhaiwan Bay Area Management Committee

Host: Dongguan Bianhaiwan Bay Area Management Committee

Organizing agent(s) and its/their contact information:

Benecus Consultancy Limited

Contact: Mr. Zhang (for Chinese) Tel: +86 136 3160 0111

Ms. Lai (for English)     Tel: +86 135 3067 0439

Email: wydslgy@qq.com