The Evaluation Meeting of International Competition of Overall Conceptual Planning and Landscape Design for Blueways around Xili Reservoir was held on June 10, 2021, at Taoyuan Hall, F4, Sentosa Hotel Apartment Taoyuan Branch, Shenzhen. The evaluation committee comprised 6 experts (Han Xili, Lin Yi, Michael Patte, Pang Wei, Stone Shen, Zhu Rongyuan) and 1 representative of host(Yan Shulan), and Zhu Rongyuan is the chairman of the evaluation committee.

The meeting was held with the identities of the design teams disclosed. Following the presentation of the six design teams (including consortia) and the evaluation committee’s review and comparison of their design proposals, it was concluded that submissions of the six design teams all meet the requirements of the International Competition. After discussion and 3 rounds of disclosed voting, the evaluation committee selected 3 recommended schemes (without ranking) and ranked the 4th to 6th places.

3 recommended schemes (in the order of presentation)


Design Team

3 LOLA Landscape Architects B.V./Land+Civilization Compositions/Taller Architects/One Architecture &  Urbanism

Architectural Design & Research Institute of SCUT & URBANGENE INC & Shanghai OA Studio Design  Consultancy Co, Ltd.

6 MLA+B.V./Ramboll Studio Dreiseitl Pte.LTD

4th place: Scheme No.4,Powerchina Huadong Engineering Corporation Limited & LingNan Design Group Co., Ltd & NL UrbanSolutions B.V.

5th place: Scheme No.1,Shenzhen Aube Architectural Engineering Design Co., Ltd. & Integrated Planning & Design Pty Ltd & Shenzhen Water Planning And Design Institute Co., Ltd

6th place: Scheme No.2,Urbanspace Planning And Architectural Design Co.,Ltd (SHENZHEN) & Shenzhen Metrostudio Landscape Design And Urban Planning Co.,ltd & WSP (ASIA) Limited

Water Authority of Nanshan District, Shenzhen

Shenzhen Center for Design(Shenzhen Center for Public Art), Benecus Consultancy Limited

Contacts: Ms. Ye and Ms. Lai

Tel: (755) 832 484 64, 829 078 66

E-mail: scd-competition@szdesigncenter.org