The project intends to create and enhance the riverways, buildings, culture and industry around Xili Reservoir as a whole. It aims to develop the riverways and areas around the reservoir into iconic public spaces, so as to accommodate the public and cultural life of consumers and residents in these areas, and provide spaces for public facilities, landscape environment and urban events and activities, etc. To achieve these goals, this international competition is hereby launched to solicit the best design proposal for the project.

Work Content

(1) Landscape Design Scope

The landscape design covers the water treatment facilities (e.g., early rain storage pool, runoff storage pool, water purification plant, etc.) within and around the riverway management scope of Makan River, Makan River Left Tributary 1, Makan River Left Tributary 2, Dakan River, Baimang River, Lishui River and Yanqing River. The detailed scope is shown in the attached figure. The riverway management scope totals about 1,174,000 m2.

The water treatment facilities, with original functions retained, can be designed and renovated in combination with public open spaces.

(2) Urban Design Scope

The urban design covers the construction scope of the blueways around Xili Reservoir as well as the surrounding river mouth areas, the nearby urban villages, the industrial areas or the open public green spaces.

Taking into account the relationship between the blueways around Xili Reservoir and the city as well as the existing site conditions, the design should conduct a comprehensive analysis of the entire urban design scope, define the node scope, and conduct detailed design. The proposed node design areas include but are not limited to the following four nodes: Baimang Park and surrounding green space (including Baimang Runoff Storage Pool), Makan Park and surrounding public space, Makan River area water treatment facility and the surrounding green spaces (including Makan Main Stream and Early Rain Storage Pool, Makan Runoff Storage Pool and Makan water purification plant), and planning park site of Dakan Community (including Dakan Early Rain Storage Pool and Dakan Runoff Storage Pool).

(3) Research Scope

The research extends to the urban areas, mountains, waters, etc. around Xili Reservoir, focusing on studies of water system, ecology and greenway system in the area. Besides, corresponding expanded designs are required.

竞赛范围图Research Scope

Research Scope

Registration Requirements

(1) The Competition sets no threshold in terms of qualification certificates. All local and international design teams (independent legal entities or other organizations that can independently bear civil liability) with relevant design experience are eligible for the registration.

(2) Registration by consortium is allowed and there is not limit on number of its members. A consortium agreement should be submitted to specify the leading party and the work division. No consortium member is allowed to participate in the Competition again independently, or via consortium with other design team(s).

(3) Both local and international design teams must be legally registered for business operation and hold valid business licenses. Two or more legal entities, parent companies, wholly-owned subsidiaries and holding companies with the same legal representative are not allowed to register for the Competition concurrently.

(4) Individuals and individual groups are not eligible for registration.


The Competition consists of three stages, i.e. registration and prequalification, conceptual design competition and design detailing. The Competition is open to global design teams who submit Registration Documents and draft conceptual proposals as per the Work Rules and Design Brief (Technical) of the Competition. The Prequalification Committee set up by the Host will shortlist six finalists and two substitutes through voting. Should a finalist quit the Competition, the substitute will take its place by ranking and participate in the subsequent conceptual design competition.

 If the number of valid design teams is less than 8, the host will reorganize the registration and prequalification of the project.

Timetable (Tentative)




Registration and Prequalification

Mar 17, 2021

Release of official announcement and opening of registration

By 17:00, Mar 22, 2021

Registration for site visit at https://jinshuju.net/f/XiJNG3

Mar 25, 2021

Site visit

By 17:00, Mar 30, 2021

E-registration at https://jinshuju.net/f/ieskuy

By 17:00, Apr.9, 2021

Submission of softcopy and hardcopy of Registration Documents to the service window on F2, The Construction Project Bidding Branch of Shenzhen Exchange Group; deadline of registration

Apr.14, 2021

Prequalification meeting

Conceptual Design Competition

Apr.21, 2021

Competition kick-off meeting, site visit and Q&A meeting

By 17:00, Jun.2, 2021

Delivery of design submissions

Early June, 2021

Evaluation meeting

Bid Finalization

Mid-to-late June, 2021

Bid finalization meeting


The first-place winner will receive RMB 5,700,000 yuan, including a design cost of RMB 2,300,000 yuan and design detailing fee of RMB 3,400,000 yuan. The design detailing must integrate and develop design submissions of the Competition into official design proposal as per the expert’s evaluation comments and the Host’s requirements, which does not include design development and construction drawing design. The design detailing submissions shall be detailed up to the schematic level and pass the review and evaluation of the Expert Evaluation Committee set up by the Host.

The second-/third-place winner will each be paid a stipend of RMB 900,000 yuan.

Design teams ranking the fourth, fifth and sixth places will each receive a stipend of RMB 700,000 yuan.

*The above design costs, stipends and design detailing fee are tax inclusive.


As Home Page of Project Trading Service (http://zjj.sz.gov.cn/jsjy/) is the announcement and publicity platform of the Competition, all members of the consortia must be registered in the website online (refer to detailed instruction at http://www.szggzy.com/fwdh/fwdhjsgc/bszn3/content_54227.html). All design teams must go through the corporate filing process before submitting Registration Documents and draft conceptual proposal.

Water Authority of Nanshan District, Shenzhen

Shenzhen Center for Design(Shenzhen Center for Public Art), Benecus Consultancy Limited

Contacts: Ms. Ye and Ms. Lai

Tel: (755) 832 484 64, 829 078 66

E-mail: scd-competition@szdesigncenter.org