Located in the heart of Longgang District’s Universiade New Town, the shenzheninspired xiexin Science and Technology Park project is generally positioned as an influential, set headquarter R & D Housing, Industrial R & D, innovative R & D housing, high-end talent living and entrepreneurship, complete and dynamic international industrial benchmark projects, and for Shenzhen Longgang Dayun District to create an international image of the city. The four phases to be designed are the only superhigh-rise building in the project and the most important landmark building in the project.

Phase IV site area of 9048 square meters, total building area: 94488.97 square meters, the final planning and design indicators to the formal tender documents shall prevail.

Work Content

The four phases to be designed are positioned as the most high-end R & D Building in the project, designed according to the standard of Grade A office building with 5A, which meets the requirements of internationalization, humanization, digitalization, energy conservation and commercialization, and trying to make it a landmark in the region and a calling card for Longgang District. Design content for the plot of land within the Red Line of all the building planning and architectural design.

Registration Requirements

1.Three or more units will be invited to participate in the bidding. The bidding scheme will be evaluated by secret bidding, and the best scheme will be selected. The design unit of the scheme is the winning bidder.

2.There are three or more qualified bidding schemes to participate in the bid opening and evaluation is effective bid opening. If there are less than three applicants who meet the registration requirements, the bidding unit will terminate the bidding activity and organize the bidding again.

3.After the tenderer has passed the Qualification Examination of the tenderer and obtained the qualification for investment, the tenderer shall give the relevant tender documents. If the tenderer does not organize on-site reconnaissance, the tenderer shall organize on its own to conduct reconnaissance.


·  Vongercomargo Architectural Design Consulting (Shanghai) Co. , Ltd. . Beijing branch

·  PLP Architecture International Ltd

·  Foster+Partners

5.The tenderer shall encourage other design units to participate in the bidding, and the design results shall be treated equally with the inviter in bid evaluation and ranking. The design unit preparing to participate in the tender shall notify the tenderer in writing before July 27. The application documents shall provide a brief introduction of the design unit, team, case and related authorization documents, and provide 2-10 pages about the project concept. Should be submitted before the deadline to the organizer (address: 3/F, Industrial Promotion Center, Edixin Science and Technology Park, intersection of Qingchun Road and Longfei Avenue, Longgang District, Shenzhen) , subject to the actual date of receipt. Any late entry will be deemed to be a waiver of participation and will not be allowed to participate in the subsequent assessment of this tender exercise.


This tender is for the design of planning and construction scheme. The tender is by invitation + Open application. Domestic and foreign design units can apply, do not accept individuals and individual combination of the application.

Schedule (all times shown below are China Standard Time) :



Related arrangem ents

20 July 12:00 to 2 August


During the registration period, the design unit of the competition should ask questions by fax, e-mail, etc. . The organizer will give a reply as soon as possible and at the latest one working day before the deadline 

16 Sep 12:00 am,2021 

Submission of tender proposal by the tenderer

24 Sep ,2021 

Scheme review

30 Sep ,2021 

Announcement of the outcome of the scheme evaluation


The position of the tenderers shall be ranked according to the comprehensive score. First is the winning bidder, the winning bidder won the project design contract (the tentative total contract price of about RMB 3 million yuan, with the notification of winning the bid and the contract agreement shall prevail) , no award and compensation;


The position of the tenderers shall be ranked according to the comprehensive score. The second winner received a compensation of 300,000 yuan, the third winner received a compensation of 200,000 yuan, the fourth and fifth winner received a compensation of 50,000 yuan, no other design units awards and compensation.

All expenses incurred in participating in this tender, including design fees, and all taxes incurred shall be borne by the tenderer.

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