Smart Mobile, Super BARRIO, See How Digital Technology Combines with Cities




Speakers of the recent Master Forum and Design Forum were all experts from Barcelona. At the 26th Master Forum, Vicente Guallart, the Director of Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia (IAAC), introduced this institute. In this Design Forum, Dr. Mathilde, research director and professor of IAAC, gave a more detailed introduction to smart cities and digital manufacturing projects.The culmination of the forum was Dr. Mathilde's sharing of a series of designs related to public spaces based on the Super Barrio(Spanish for "blocks") project, which allowed us to truly understand how to engage the public in the decision-making of design through technology and to put the decisions into practice in future designs.

Dr. Mathilde Marengo

Ph.D Architect
IAAC Head of Studies, innochain Supervisor Board, MAA, MaCT, CIEE Senior Faculty



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