Australian Experience, Rethinking Sponge City of China




Sponge City is a new urban model with both flood control and ecological and environmental protection functions. Its construction depends on the design and planning of urban water systems and ecosystems. As Shenzhen moves towards the construction of marine city, an imporant issue is how to utilize the system concept and intelligent technology so as to strike a balance between urban development and ecological protection. Adiran McGregor Coxall, an Australian master of urban design and landscape design and planning, introduced the idea of ecological urbanism, a regenerative integrated ecological urban design and construction system. Drawing on his rich experience in Australia and China, Mr.McGregor also systematically illustrated current practice and opinions of sponge city.

Adrian Mcgregor

Adrian McGregor is founder and CEO of the Sydney based landscape architecture office McGregor Coxall. He has over thirty years of international experience working, teaching and writing about urban design, landscape architecture and the environment. Nominated as one of Sydney’s 100 most creative people, his expertise lies in combining development feasibility, politics, culture and ecology with a passion for design, to create sustainable places in the built and natural environments. Adrian founded BioCity Studio in 2006 and is in demand as an internationally acclaimed lecturer and author.



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