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SUMMARY: 设计讲坛第30期,我们在物质生活书吧,请来杨·弗莱恩跟我们分享。杨·弗莱恩是WY-TO工作室的联合创始人,于2016年获评为欧洲40位40岁以下新锐建筑师和设计师之一。杨和他的工作伙伴在现场分享了他们的5个设计原则,分别是:“体现记忆的文化里程”、“伴随生活体验的原则”、“栖息地的解决方案”、“使命感”及当天侧重的“为可持续生活环境的整合智能与创新”。 杨介绍了柬埔寨的Mobile Lotus、印尼雅加达的Green Breeze、Green School、Sweet Dream Bali和法国的Arborescence5个案例。他认为设计应该立足于生物多样性,去扎实了解项目地的自然环境,顺应自然环境的特点形成可持续的方案,以获得更优的效果。在方案细节和建筑材料上合理化用当地元素,也能进一步将建筑与周围环境联系起来,形成整体有机的生活图景。

杨·弗莱恩 Yann Follain



Yann Follain is the co-founder of WY-TO, an innovative and multi-disciplinary design studio based in Singapore and Paris, which fundamental belief is that design must serve a cause.

He was named one of Europe's most important and emerging young architects and designers in Europe 40 Under 40 in 2016. He is a frequent speaker on tropical sustainability and museum curation in the Southeast Asia and was appointed Festival Director of Archifest 2018 (Singapore Architecture Festival). Yann is also an Associate Member of the Singapore Institute of Architects, a member of the International Council of Museums (ICOM) and Adviser at Asia Designer Communication Platform (ADP).



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