Tako Poastma: Development of Waterfont City, Successful Experience from Amsterdam




The Netherlands is a long-established marine city. In the 15th and 16th centuries, countless ships set sail from ports here to the outside world. As a country built on water, 26% of the land is below sea level, and up to 60% of the territory may be engulfed during flood. The Dutch have learnt how to coexist with water in the long history of dealing with water, and have accumulated rich experience in responding and constructing. In this review, Tako Poastma introduced the design concept of many marine cities, with major attention on that of Amsterdam. The cases that he gave covered topics on how to build a new island, how to connect buildings with water and cities, how to link history and the reality with architecture, and how to make people the main body of cities in specific planning and design.

浦塔科 Tako Poastma



ArchitectuurNL 杂志高级顾问



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